NBV Web gets cranking…

With the finalisation of the 11.2 release of NBV we now have a little more ability to direct our development queue. Which is great – because we have a massive set of work for our technical team. Do we spend time improving Quantify? Or making SDR better? Do we port NBM or NBV?

We port NBV

So we’ve made that decision – we’re going to port the NBV front end as a matter of priority. And in fact we’ve already started – NBV Web (transaction search) is already running in Beta with AGL. So it makes sense to build out that platform. And here’s what we’re going to do.

NBV Web – Day to Day Edition

The goal is to move all the features that are most commonly used – the day to day features. Transaction search, NMI analysis and dispute management would all fit into this. Validation pathways (a once or twice a year effort) doesn’t. So we have identified the set of features  most commonly needed by our clients – and we’re going to deliver that. In a hurry. In fact, we’re setting an aspirational goal that we deliver the Day to Day edition by the end of February 2017. And just for reference, we’re aiming to deliver working components rapidly into NBV Web – so that every few weeks NBV Web Beta gets better and better. For example, one delivery might be transaction details – the next one might be package search. Followed by details. So the concept is frequent small changes into a working product.

And once we’ve finished we’ll be able to take NBV Web out of beta into ‘real’ production from that date. Hugely exciting.

NBV Web – The Rest

No rest for the wicked right? So once we’ve completed NBV Web Day to Day edition – we’ll jump right back into delivery mode and port across all the other features. The aspirational goal here is that we’re finished by June 30 2017 2019.

And then what? Well that’s about 8 months away, so we hesitate to predict too far in the future. But right now – we’re thinking of the same treatment for NBM….because yep, there’s no rest for the wicked!