Energetiq is proud to announce that we have started the port project for NBM. Fresh off the heels of our recent NBV Web project – we are applying the same techniques to NBM. This brings a whole new look and feel to our Network Billing Management ( invoice to cash ) product – NBM. In fact, it’s the biggest change in NBM since it was launched in 2005.

So what’s happening?

Hello web browser, good bye fat client.

OK, we know that this is 2019, and it could be argued that moving from fat clients to the browser isn’t really leading edge. It turns out that NBM’s much loved fat client is very fit for purpose, and it’s one of the hardest applications to move. But the NBV project really showed us the way in how to deal with large volumes efficiently in a browser.

The new look NBM transaction search.

Change is good. But not too much change.

If you look at the design above, you might notice that there’s plenty of similarities to the current search design. The search criteria is on the left. The search results have colors for status, and are shown on the right. All the columns you used to be able to search on…you still can.

And make it better.

And then we’ve added some extras – such as free text searching (google style). And ‘all database’ searching. How about we remember the search fields you use the most – and make them easier to get to? ( tick ) And let’s all make that much much faster than today. So the search shown below was simply not possible on the old platform – ‘search for everyone time someone has run a job to do with disputes’. NBM Web changes all that.

Audit search showing free text searching.

Delivery for…

We’ve more than started the project – turns out we’re about 1/2 way through. Those aren’t designs shown above : they are screen shots of the software in testing. The beauty of doing this after the NBV project is that we’ve learnt lots of patterns – ways to build – that make this port faster, better quality and lower risk.

We are currently working to an early August completion timeframe – guidance is the first two weeks of August 2019. That’s really not that far away – and for NBM Users – the next few months are going to be a very exciting time!