NBV – bigger, better, faster.

NBV 12 Delivered

It’s been a pretty massive couple of months now ( more on that later ), but we might just focus on the latest and greatest release of NBV.

We delivered NBV 12 on time on Monday June 18th. This is probably the single biggest release for 5 or more years ; as we added not one but two whole markets into NBV. And because we didn’t think we had enough work to do, we made some major changes to the underlying technology platform.

Network Settlements for Western Australia

So we included support for WA Gas network settlements, and we also upgraded the support for WA Electricity – meaning we now support WA Electricity settlements in both of it’s protocols – CSV and XML formats. The WA Gas market means that NBV now supports 12 different B2B markets – basically every market that has a standard on both sides of the country. Not bad for a 15 year old product!

Technology Upgrade

Speaking of being 15 years old – we thought it about time for us to give the underlying infrastructure a ‘bit of a tweak’. NBV 12 also coincides with getting our final client onto the cloud with us, so we have more capacity to innovate both features and the platform. In this release we added support for EFS ( that means a far more reliable ‘disk’ system for B2B files for example ), we moved onto a new operating system ( for enhanced security ) and we upgraded the database version ( to keep current ).

Speed Upgrade

And although we didn’t really target speed, we thought we might get a speed bump of 5% ish just through modernising the tech stack. When we measured it using our ‘Big Load Test’ ( drop an entire month’s worth of network files for a fictitious retailer with 5 million NMI and pump everything through the end to end process ) we saw something so unexpected that we did the test again. And then once more with feeling. Some of our key processes got a 20% bump in speed – in a good way. And that’s a nice result!

NBV 12 is the latest release of the market leading network settlements product in Australia, with 90 percent of the nation’s invoices running through our systems.