The best people can choose where they work.

And the best people choose Energetiq.

Our thoughts

Our thoughts

We believe software is a social sport. Always has been. Always will be.

So that means our big ideas can only come to life if we find and keep really awesome people. So we do.

We embrace the joy of our work. We embrace teams where the answer to every question is within earshot. We embrace ridiculously good work environments. We embrace change and risk and failure and team work. We embrace challenge and innovation and celebrate our success. We embrace the responsibility we believe we have to the next generation. We look for meaning in our work. 

We're not your average technology office.

And we're not going to send you out to a client site where none of this will apply to you.

We are a destination employer for real technology nerds here in Melbourne. If you feel you can embrace this - we're always listening.