Beautiful, 5MS compatible usage data. Every NMI, every day driving reconciliation outcomes for your business.


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Beautiful energy data

Chronical ingests NEM12 and NEM13 data from across all of Australia to produce the cleanest usage information available. All usage is automatically profiled using the AEMO methodologies to produce data at five minute intervals to ensure future compatibility with the upcoming 5MS industry changes.

Enhanced Reconciliation

We're reconciliation experts. And Chronical enhances our ( and your ) reconciliation capabilities by integrating the usage data with our other systems. NBV, Quantify, MRS and in the future, Global Settlements will all benefit from having precise five minute energy information readily available.

Highly scalable, super fast

And did we mention it's super fast? Testing in the Energetiq labs has shown Chronical is capable of loading the entire NEM ( That's 10 Million Meters by the way ) in under 24 hours. Chronical does this by leveraging the amazing skills of our development team in conjunction with the awesome platform supplied by Amazon Web Services.

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5M Intervals in Year ( single NMI )

0 Billion

Number of 5 Minute Intervals 1M NMIs generates

0 hours

Time to Load Entire Aus Market

We understand how great usage data drives great reconciliations

Usage information for Reconciliations

Chronical integrates seamlessly with the existing Energetiq reconciliation platform. It will drive further reconciliation outcomes for our customers by delivering high quality consumption information for comparison to network, pool or retail values. 

Energetiq has a strong vision for continued innovation delivered on top of this incredible resource - 2020 is going to be a very exciting year.

Usage Information for Business Insight

Great reconciliation is the primary goal of Chronical, but it also provides the mechanisms you'll need to gather insights about your company's usage profiles at levels such as whole of business, participant code, state, LNSP and more. And we make the usage information available in our Big DataConnect for increased reporting capability.

Energy information Right Now, or Back Then

Our users often want to know what the most up to date usage for a NMI is. Except when they want to also understand usage for a NMI at a given point in time. Then you'll want the data 'As At' a certain date. Chronical gives you the power to report from both perspectives. We don't throw away a read just because it is made obsolete by a newer version of the same read. Our architecture loads and stores all compliant data, always. And Chronical is smart enough to make getting the current state easy.

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