Global reconciles your AEMO energy costs ( of all types ).

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Price every NMI, every day, every interval

Global prices all of your NMIs, for every day you own them - right down to the 5 minute level. That's 288 prices per NMI per day.

Reconcile to AEMO

Global will reconcile your NMI energy costs to AEMO's version. Global finds every difference - every MWh that you shouldn't be paying for.

Powered by Market Data

Global is powered by clean market data, from MSATS through to NEM12 and 13. Integration is easy - it's just another capability in the Energetiq reconciliation platform.

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Maximum NMIs

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Calculation Volume

Because AEMO isn't always right.

Second largest expense

The average retailer's energy costs are 30% or more of their entire annual costs. These are big numbers - exceeded solely by network charges. 

Energy costs are crazy volatile

And your energy costs are fully exposed to the volatility of the spot price - jumping from an average of $40/ MWh up into the land of VOLL around $15,000 per MWh. Occasionally they'll be negative. And it can change every 5 minutes - it's one of the most volatile markets in the world.

Big volatile dollars demand to be reconciled.

Global Settlements 

In all its glory. There's two major changes happening at the same time in October 2021. We get 5MS - pricing and consumption for every 5 minutes - as well as Global Settlements ( no more settlement by difference ). And let's add UFE changes into the mix, going fully online in May 2022. Our Global has all variations covered.

Market Settlements 

The old Pool Settlements process was a settlement by difference process at the 30 minute interval level. Global is backward compatible with the older Market Settlements too.

Seamless Cutover from Market to Global

Navigating the old and the new world presents a major challenge. Two systems or one? How is the information presented? . Global solves these challenges by seamlessly reconciling all settlement types and presenting them using consistent and thoughtful designs. We've done the heavy lifting here conceptually - so that you don't have to!

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