B2B for Networks.

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From Invoice to Cash

Network Billing Management (NBM) turns network bills into cash. We manage the retailers - so you don't have to.

B2B Compliance in a Box

We are the B2B experts. NBM handles your entire B2B processes - from generating emails, to receiving disputes and processing remittances.

Powerful Reporting

Built in. From Aged Trial Debtors (for any point of time), to outstanding disputes. NBM understands the reports most needed, and you get them out of the box.

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We understand the challenges in Network Settlements

Challenge 1 – B2B Compliance

Out of the box. We are the country's network settlements experts, and you can rely on NBM being fully compliant with the network settlements B2B specifications. Every field, every file. 

Challenge 2 – Volumes

We know this - because we also process the same volumes for retailers. NBM is built out of the box to make sure we get your millions of dollars, and millions of line items out to retailers on time.

Challenge 3 – Dispute Management

The big risk - retailers disputing your transactions and invoices. We help you find them, work on them - we even have tools that can automatically process disputes. We can't promise you won't get disputes, but we can promise to make dispute management a whole lot easier.




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