Network Billing Validation (NBV) is Australia's leading network settlements product.

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B2B Markets

We are the only tool to comply with the electricity, gas and metering B2B market rules. 

Electricity Markets - Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania

Gas Markets - Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia

Metering Market (whole of NEM).

Effortless Reconciliation

NBV finds, loads and validates billions of dollars of network charges every year. 

We perform the widest variety of reconciliations possible, from standing data through to consumption checking. And everything in between.

Track the Results

Network bills are a retailer's single largest expense. NBV helps you find the mistakes the network is making, and then we track the return generated (the difference after the rebill occurs) down to the last cent. Network Settlement functions powered by NBV are profit centres. 

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First Year in Operation

We understand the challenges in Network Settlements

Challenge 1 – When is a standard not really a standard?

When it’s a network billing B2B standard of course! Why have one way to communicate charges, payments and disputes? Not when you can have one standard per state, per fuel type.

So we have 5 electricity standards to deal with – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Then we have 4+ gas – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Why not have a bi-lateral metering standard thrown into the mix?

So one of the biggest challenges is simply understanding these standards – and what that means in terms of your business processes. When do you need to pay? How exactly do you dispute?

Challenge 2 – Huge Volumes

The network charge file are about the same size as your retail billing load. And where they’re not – they’re double (Western Australia and Queensland in particular).

Loading huge volumes and just making that usable are major challenges for any retailer in the country.

Challenge 3 – Data Quality

The distribution businesses are generally pretty good but they can/do show variable commitment to data quality. After all – if they make a billing mistake – no-one gets to change their distributor, right? The retailer is left carrying the cost.

It’s vital that you have strong mechanisms to ensure that you only accept charges that meet the B2B specifications.

Challenge 4 – Financial Risk Mitigation

Finally, it’s vital that you only pay the right charges.

To do that you need to find valid disputes within the network charges...as they arrive. Not your NMI – or the consumption is wrong – or maybe the charged network tariff doesn’t match MSATS.

There’s plenty to go wrong, and it’s the challenge of the retailer to make sure you mitigate this key risk of overpaying the network.

Luckily, we’ve had over 16 years of experience meeting these challenges. Years of new releases, years of innovation and the clients that both value it and help shape it. That’s all boiled down to one beautiful solution – our flagship network settlements product - NBV.

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