Quantify stops profit and cost leakage. We'll expose every NMI problem, and give you Gross Margin every way you need it.

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Revenue Assurance

Every retailer has an internal Revenue Assurance team. Because every retailer has problem NMIs. 

Quantify is the only tool that can independently identify your problem NMIs. We use high quality, independent market data to determine the NMIs you need to fix. It's a revolutionary approach that is far more efficient than your current 'Unbilled' report. 


Gross Margin

Quantify will calculate the Gross Margin for every NMI, every month. Pretty powerful stuff. 

We can roll it and display it anyway you'd like.

There's never been a better way to visualise multiple, difficult data streams; or put them all together to give you business critical information. 

Gross Margin. Every NMI, every month.

Powered by Cloud

Quantify is designed and built on top of today's modern cloud capabilities. Further - Quantify was only possible on top of native cloud - it's a data and computational beast. 

Quantify is our innovation delivered to you - and it's all built on top of the innovation delivered by AWS to us. 

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Largest Single NMI Recovery


This is a complex industry. Large volumes, large data, large systems. It's no wonder that a certain percentage of your NMIs don't get billed. Or get billed with the wrong tariff, or perhaps with the wrong consumption.  So every retailer tries to find the bad NMIs -  that's your Revenue Assurance function. We augment your current people and processes by giving them the world's fastest and most sophisticated Revenue Assurance tool - Quantify.

We Find Problems. You Fix Them.

Quantify takes the complexity and the load off you, so you can focus your attention on the resolution of bad NMIs, not on the finding of them. Quantify is innovation delivered. It's the result of 10 years of thinking about this exact business problem. And it's the result of the rise of cloud to power such a data hungry problem.

Quantify scans your NMIs, day by day looking for NMIs that need help. We cross compare multiple key statistics, and we do it fast. We then supply you with the list of NMIs you need to look at. We'll classify them by type of problem, and we can tell you the time period of the issue. That frees up your business to do the real work - fixing the root cause so your NMIs are billed correctly.

And yes, we've worked with the industry for over two decades, so we're pretty comfortable with handling the noise inherent in your data. In fact - more than comfortable - we've solved those very problems. 

Results Delivered

Quantify is delivered on the cloud with 'as-a-Service' as the base model. We're pretty confident in what it delivers because we've already delivered major successes for our clients. In fact, the only retailer it wouldn't work so well for would be the perfect retailer. You know - the one with every single NMI billed on time, for the right amount. Every time. Since that's as likely as Australian politicians reconciling energy and climate policy (cough) - we know Quantify delivers. Our clients often wonder if it is worth upgrading your current Revenue Assurance capabilities? We think that's the wrong question - the real question is how could you afford not to?

Gross Margin

Whilst we're comparing every NMI for problems, we can also create the most accurate Gross Margin model you'll ever need. We have network costs, retailer billing as well as energy costs. We put them all together, then let you search anyway you need to. Would you like to report Gross Margin by state? By product? By network tariff? Sure - you can do that now right? How about post code? How about street level? 

And how about fast? Again - built on top of cloud native services ; Quantify is blistering fast.



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