SDR (Standing Data Repository) is the industry leading search engine for MSATS.

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Human Centred Search

Imagine MSATS data made accessible by Google. Super easy searching - just starting typing.

Data for Humans

Designed for people to understand standing data as fast as humanly possible. All the data for the NMI on one beautiful screen. No more blue screens of death!

And Data for Reconciliations

Every piece of data in SDR is made available to your Energetiq powered reconciliation systems. 

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We understand the value of Standing Data.

Standing Data for Reconciliations

We created SDR to feed perfect data to our Reconciliations tools. We know that the shorter the distance between 'source of truth' (MSATS) and our decision making code - the better the result. SDR takes data directly from MSATS, and pushes up to date information wherever it's needed. We get perfect data - you get perfect reconciliations.

Standing Data for Humans

Whilst our primary goal may have been data for systems - we realised that Standing Data was equally valuable for people. Problem is - who wants to go on a one day course to work out what MSATS is showing you? So we made SDR beautiful. Super easy to find - search for anything (state or TNI or ....anything) . Super easy to understand. 

Standing Data Reconciliations

Standing Data is the foundational data you need to run your business. What happens when it's not right? When your billing system, or your data warehouse didn't get the latest update? SDR can reconcile your internal copies - measuring what you have against what it should be. 

Standing Data - Up to Date

High quality standing data is up to date standing data. SDR is market compatible - C1s, C4s, Market Messages for instant updates. We have multiple methods to keep your data up to date - including utilising our own pipe to AEMO. Whatever way works best for you - either way we have you covered.

Did you need 7M NMIs in there?

Excellent. Energetiq works with retailers and networks of all sizes, including the titans. So if you've got FRMP AND LR responsibilities ( and you know what that means! ) - we've still got you covered.

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