Fixify gives you and your teams the tools you need to resolve every billing problem you have.

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Find, then Fix

Fixify gives you the tools you need to resolve your issues. NMI by NMI, root cause and a full audit trail of who's done what. You can't fix things unless you can see them. Fixify gives you that insight.

Teams Come First

Fixify knows you work in teams. Offshore or onshore - we have built this tool from the ground up to support the way you work today.

Quantify Integration

Quantify finds problems NMIs - and there is beautiful 'point and click' management of these problem NMIs straight to Fixify. 

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Lines of code

Get out of those spreadsheets.

One List to Rule Them All

You can't keep track of your progress if you can't see it. Excel spreadsheets and emails are out of date as soon as they're sent. 

Fixify takes a revolutionary approach - everyone has the same list, everyone sees the same thing. 

Workflow Built In

Billing defects are quite similar to software defects. So we've modelled the workflow on 20 years of managing software. 

Fixify allows you to assign issues to teams or to people. We track how long issues are open for, and we keep a beautiful audit trail so you know who's done what.

Visualise - then Fix

Our research has shown that retailers can generally generate a list of problem NMIs. They struggle to resolve them - because it's difficult to visualise - to see what's happening. 

Fixify is that solution - and you'll never miss a NMI again.

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