Data Analyst ( Tariffs )

Numeracy super important here. If you quite enjoy maths – then read on!

We’re looking for someone to help us keep our Tariff Dictionary up to date. If a dictionary has one entry for each word – well this has one entry for every network tariff in the country. You don’t really need to know what that means ( because we’ll teach you ).

But we are looking for your help in keeping it up to date. These things change every 6 months; so we have two peak loads and then normal business as usual type updates.

Our entries both describe and identify these tariffs- so there’s over 30 ‘things’ that we need to get right on each and every entry. This is not a standard data entry job. You’ll need to be switched on and want to learn and want to deliver high accuracy.

You’ll be;

  1. Reading tariff documentation ( usually PDFs, but might be Excel / Word )
  2. Understanding them. Most is easy, some are really hard.
  3. Creating the corresponding entry in the dictionary. This is essentially a line item in a spreadsheet.
  4. Checking your work.
  5. Learning more about the electricity industry than you ever cared to know! 😉

We are looking for a commitment of at least 1 day week here in the CBD based office. We don’t mind what day that is, but would prefer it is somewhat predictable. At the same time, we understand that exams and holidays are likely to feature in your calendar, and have no issues with these taking priority. In short, this is a job pretty much perfect for a university student, and at $20-$25/hr + super ( pay scales with age)  ; probably one of the better ones going around.

What else are we hoping for? Attention to detail. Trustworthy. intelligent, some common sense, down to earth, optimistic. Excel skills. Maybe even some SQL.

Apply with email to adam (dot) kierce (at)