Pay AEMO for the energy you use. And not one kWh more.

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AEMO Replication

Market Reconciliation System (MRS) uses your own data to replicate the bills that AEMO should be sending your way. 

Reconcile Usage

MRS will reconcile all the dollars and all the kWh's down to the last cent. We'll find all the differences you need to manage.

Every revision, every week

MRS is designed to reconcile every revision, giving you the maximum time to make the market changes you need to keep your costs under control.

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AEMO Pool Settlements : Pay and Fix

Just Pay

It's an interesting model isn't it? No matter how wrong the AEMO bill is - you're going to pay it. There is no 'dispute' process. That's why it's so critical to see your discrepancies as early as possible.

Fix for the Next Revision

So that you may find the root cause, and fix the market data in time for the next revision. We'll help you find the issues that matter - the NMIs that are not yours, or the consumption that's just too high. 

We'll worry about the complexity

So you don't have to. We've got years of experiencing replicating the AEMO process. Years to work through and discover some of the undocumented profiling techniques required. You give us your version of the data, and we'll apply those years of experience to get the right results. Pay for the energy you use, and not one kWh more.


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